Millennial donors want impact and action attached to their donations.

That’s why we built IfThen.

IfThen is the newest donor acquisition, fundraising and relationship-building platform for nonprofits. Our unique IfThen campaigns seamlessly link incoming donations to the actions and successes young donors expect for their support.

Anchor your fundraising and relationship-building efforts to successful outcomes.

Get started today!

You promise monthly action.

Donors pledge monthly support.

Here’s how IfThen works for nonprofits:


A nonprofit launches a 12-month IfThen campaign, promising to deliver a specific action every month of the campaign.


Pledgers commit to the campaign with a conditional monthly pledge. Their pledge will only be charged in the months that the nonprofit delivers action, creating a relationship of mutual responsibility and accountability.


For each successful month of action, the nonprofit texts pledgers a detailed update of their monthly action and outcomes, and how IfThen donations will be used for their upcoming work.

If you deliver

then pledgers support!

With IfThen’s tailored approach to millennial capacity-building, you can:

Translate ongoing work into donations to
passively raise $10,000 or more every year

Leverage social networks of younger
supporters to continually build your
millennial donor base.

Cultivate long-term relationships with new
millennial donors, made easy with IfThen’s
impactful text message-based
communication tools.

Move toward sustainability in just 30 days!

Acquire donors for less.

Connect with them more.

Retain them longer.

Traditional cost of donor acquisition:

$1.25 PER $1.00 RAISED

IfThen cost of donor acquisition:

$0.10 PER $1.00 RAISED

First-time traditional donors who make a subsequent gift:


First-time IfThen donors who make a subsequent gift through IfThen: